Private Events at DelecTable

Cocktail Socials | Culinary Dinner Theater | Wine and Spirits Tastings | Cooking Classes

Have an entire restaurant all to yourself, and create your own memorable dining adventure at DelecTable. Groups as small as 10 people or as large as 40 can dine together in privacy, enjoying a full bar and an extensive wine selection. For a cocktail social, we can host up to 75 people. And no room fee!

Looking to get together with friends? This is the perfect venue. Come for dinner, and you can treat them all, or everyone can sign up and pay individually. Come for a cocktail party with hors d’oeuvres, add a food demonstration or wine tutorial. Or take it up a notch and add a vomFASS Scotch or Tequila tasting. There are many ways to customize your event.

Looking to impress your clients? Our atmosphere and signature Culinary Dinner Theater will enthuse them with its beautifully executed, unique experience.

Looking for a team building experience? All our events are social and engaging — a perfect way to enjoy yourselves outside of the office.

Looking for a hands-on experience? Our space is also designed as a cooking class studio. Have fun while our talented chefs lead you through new tastes, flavors, and techniques.

We are happy to help you craft your experience. Just contact us and get a conversation going. And then enjoy an Essential Madison Experience.

Minimum spend on food and drink:
$700-$1,000 Sunday-Thursday
$3,000 for Friday-Saturday.
(Price Sunday-Thursday depends on type of event.)

20% Service Charge added to food and drink for dinners and cocktail parties.
No Room Fee!

Photos: Focal Flame Photography