Piedmont Wine Country Dinner

Hey there, foodies and wine aficionados of Madison! Are you ready to embark on a taste adventure to Northern Italy? Mark your calendars for January 25th because DelecTable is pulling out all the stops for a night of indulgence and excitement!

The next stop in our wine dinner series is Piedmont Wine Country, an evening that promises to be as vibrant and lively as the Piedmont region itself! This event isn’t just another wine-pairing dinner. It’s a culinary carnival, a gastronomic gala, a celebration of all things delicious and divine!
Our maestro for the evening, Chef Ben, has spun magic in the kitchen of a Michelin-star Italian restaurant. Now, he’s ready to dazzle you with a six-course extravaganza, each dish a testament to his culinary prowess and passion.

But what’s a feast without some fabulous vino? We’re bringing the lush vineyards of Piedmont, Italy right to your table. Boasting a rich history, diverse grape varieties, and a unique terroir, Piedmont is a wine lover’s paradise. It’s the home of prestigious wines like Barolo, Nebbiolo, and Barbera d’Alba, known for their bold flavors, deep complexity, and captivating aromas.

Featured in our lineup are the exquisite creations from Ellena Giuseppe Winery, including their 2021 Barbera d’Alba, 2019 Barolo La Morra, 2021 Nebbiolo, and 2020 Nascetta. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got the 2017 Radice Barbaresco and the effervescent 2022 Golden Bubbles Moscato. Each wine has been expertly paired with Chef Ben’s creations to create a harmony of flavors that will have your taste buds dancing with joy!

So, are you ready to sip, savor, and enjoy? Ready to experience the allure of Piedmont without leaving Madison? Then join us at DelecTable’s “Piedmont Wine Country.” Reserve your seat now and get ready for an evening of epicurean excitement!

🍷 Here’s to nights we’ll always remember with wines we’ll never forget! 🍴


Butter Poached Lobster Bruschetta
Madison Sourdough | Nordic Goat Butter | Radish | Chive | Pancetta | Grapefruit
2020 Ellena Giuseppe Nascetta, La Morra

Fischer Family Farmed Pork Belly
French Lentil | Smoked Chicory | Corallin Cherry | Poached Flemish Pear
2017 Cascina Radice Barbera d’Asti, San Martino

Duck Breast
Saffron Risotto | Flyte Family Farmed Sweet Potato | Frisée | Blood Orange
2021 Ellena Giuseppe Nebbiolo, La Morra

Generations Wagyu Bolognese
Pappardelle | Fennel Pollen | Ricotta Salata
2017 Cavalieri Di Moasca Barbaresco, Moasca

Generations Wagyu Osso Buco Milanese
Gremolata | Black Truffle Sofrito | Fried Polenta | Roasted Carrot
2019 Ellena Giuseppe Barolo, La Morra

Meyer Lemon Polenta Cake
Meyer Lemon Curd | Fermented Muscat Grape | Muscat Granita
2022 Golden B Moscato Oltrepo, Pavese


Jan 25 2024


6:00 pm - 9:30 pm



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3248 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705
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