Virtual Private Events

We miss hanging out with our friends and family!
It’s one of the hardest parts of this pandemic.

Here’s a fun way for you to hang out with friends and family virtually; invite them to your own private Culinary Dinner Theater or Cooking Class virtual dinner.

We are offering exceptional private dining experiences for you and as few as six people or as many as 200. These virtual breaking-bread gatherings are ideal for work colleagues, family, or friends.

Your virtual dinner experience comes in a kit of specially prepared ingredients, to make it easy and fun to prepare while still picking up tips, tricks, and new favorite recipe ideas.

You’ll pick up your kit at DelecTable, and then, once home, our chef will lead you through completing and serving the dinner. All you need (in addition to a Zoom connection!) is a normally equipped kitchen to participate and enjoy a delicious dinner.

Experiences include at least three delicious courses, as well as wine for Culinary Dinner Theater dinners, and lead preparation and wine presentation.

Prices start at $50/person. A base cost of $200 is added to groups of less than 20 people. The minimum group size is 6 up to 25 people, depending on the date and day of the week.


Base Cost:  $200  (waived over 20 people) Cost per Person:  $50+ (varies by menu and event)


  • Parties of 6+ People: Sunday – Wednesday
  • Parties of 12+ People: Thursday
  • Parties of 25+ People: Friday or Saturday
  • Up to 200