Tintero Rosato


The nose of this wine was tutti frutti and earthy all at once. On the palate, juicy tangerine, apricot, and ripe strawberry aromas and flavors take the lead. Of course, there’s the tingle of the fresh tiny bubbles, along with mouthwatering tartness, and the silky mouthfeel of just a touch of residual sugar. This is followed by delicate aromas of jasmine and a mineral stoniness. The berry and apricot aromas are what linger on the finish, begging for another sip. The production method is quite unique. This wine is a blend of Barbera, Moscato, and Favorita. The Barbera (a red wine grape) is vinified on its own first. The juices of the other two (white) grapes are added to create a second fermentation (that’s where the bubbles come from). Then, before bottling (unfiltered) a touch more Barbera is added for color and a touch of sparkling Moscato is added for softness. The result – deliciousness!Origin: Piedmont, Italy
ABV: 11.5%