culinary dinner theater evenings

What better way to spend an evening, than sharing a delightful and memorable experience at DelecTable with the special people in your life!

Culinary Dinner Theater is our signature event, where the chef is the star, our sommelier and mixologists the co-stars, and you, our guests, are the audience, and your palates the judges. Our Chefs will treat you to an extraordinary multi-course feast, where each course is paired perfectly with wine and spirits.

DelecTable is pleased to welcome Ben Serum as our new Executive Chef. A world class chef, Ben Serum brings years of international experience and a wealth of creative cuisine and innovative cooking to Dinner Theater here at DelecTable. We had a chance to interview the Chef before he took over in early April – go to our Meet Chef Ben Serum page to read the full interview.

DelecTable welcomes spring with a bouquet of freshly created culinary delicacies, designed especially to showcase a spectacular variety of local fare. Chef Ben has crafted a menu bursting with the luxuries of spring. These highly prized ingredients are at their peak for just the blink of an eye, and now is the perfect time to experience their seasonal splendor. Join us for Wisconsin Spring.

With Spring bursting out all over, Chef Ben did not want to be tied down to a specific menu, so he decided to offer a tasting menu for June, in our Early Summer dinner. The French name for this approach is menu dégustation, consisting of a variety of 8-10 courses of small plates served as a single meal. This menu style gives the chef more creativity and flexibility to utilize the freshest seasonal ingredients as they reach the market. You, the diner, are also treated to more indulgent ingredients, producing an elevated dining experience. 

You’ll dine in a comfortably distant but still intimate setting. Culinary Dinner Theater is inside seating only. If current guidelines permit, we may seat two couples, registered separately in general seating, together at one table for four. We request that you be fully vaccinated and we will ask your permission to be seated with another couple. Chef’s Table and the Bar are adjacent seating, so you will have others seated at your side.

Our multi-course culinary dinner theaters include options for Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free dining.

Online reservation deadline is at noon on the day of the dinner – please feel free to call after deadline to see if there is space available.

Treat yourself to an adventurous night out with Culinary Dinner Theater. It’s a fun, yet sophisticated, culinary experience unique to Madison.