culinary dinner theater evenings

What better way to welcome our return to “normal”  than sharing a delightful and memorable evening at DelecTable with the special people in your life!

In-person Culinary Dinner Theater is back! This is our signature event, where the chef is the star, our sommelier and mixologists the co-stars, and you, our guests, are the audience, and your palates the judges. Our Chefs will treat you to an extraordinary multi-course feast, where each course is paired perfectly with wine and spirits. Also back is Chef Jake Lawler, and we’re thrilled. During his hiatus from DelecTable, Chef Lawler gained additional experience in one of Madison’s most elevated restaurants. Now he’s ready to take his food and your experience to the next level!

You’ll dine in a comfortably distant but still intimate setting. Culinary Dinner Theater is inside seating only. If current guidelines permit, we may seat two couples, registered separately in general seating, together at one table for four. We request that you be fully vaccinated and we will ask your permission to be seated with another couple. Chef’s Table and the Bar are adjacent seating, so you will have others seated at your side. We’ve taken extra precautions to help keep everyone safe and healthy. Our entire team is fully vaccinated. See our “COVID-19 and Safety” page for more details.

In August’s Culinary Dinner Theater, Summer Market, Chef Lawler continues his quest to source only the very best local meats and produce. The result of this ongoing mission is deliciously evident: Classical French cuisine is reconstructed into Dane County chic through deviously clever updates of traditional techniques and expert use of the local summer harvest. Three screens allow diners to peak behind the culinary curtain and watch as Chef Lawler transforms humble ingredients into luxurious dishes, all while being entertained with charming and informative talks about the food, the wine and the cocktails.
Dine with us on Thursday, August 19, for a special edition of our full five-course Summer Market dinner, and support local businesses, to help keep our our neighborhoods vital and our local economy strong! In this Eat Local, Give Local event, 10% of your bill goes directly back to over 600 locally-owned Dane Buy Local Member businesses.
The last weekend in August will be three evenings of magical dining. The dynamic collision of chemistry, physics and the culinary arts in Molecular Gastronomy has revolutionized dining and converted restaurant kitchens into cutting-edge laboratories and chefs into modern-day alchemists. DelecTable is presenting an evening of cuisine innovations using local sources and Chef Lawler’s ingenuity. Each plate offers an example of creative approaches to ordinary components, artistically showcased in a culinary trompe l’œil. 
Chef Lawler will stay open to the availability of seasonal produce, and his menus will evolve to reflect the harvest and his creative approach to locally sourced cuisine.
Our five course dinners include options for Pescatarian, Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten-Free dining. Online reservation deadline is two days before the dinner – please feel free to call after deadline to see if there is space available.
Treat yourself to an adventurous night out with Culinary Dinner Theater. It’s a fun, yet sophisticated, culinary experience unique to Madison.