We are craving spending time with friends, but worry about gathering with folks outside our bubble for a meal. Dining outside on a patio is currently considered safe, relative to dining inside. It’s easy to see why, since once you sit down, you have to take off your mask to eat and drink. And sharing a table means you’ll be inside the recommended social distance of six feet.
So we’ve taken extra precautions to help keep everyone safe and healthy. 
We are proud to be the first restaurant we know of to introduce Table Shields. These clear shields stand across the center of the table and are about two feet high. They provide additional safety for you and your friends! We hope this extra level of protection will let you feel more comfortable about getting together with those friends you would really like to see over dinner again. 
Also, our servers are now wearing ZShields. These clear shields cover our servers’ faces from the collarbone up, screening their eyes as well as protecting you from particles that might be missed by their mask. This new shield design is especially effective for dining out, since you’re sitting and we’re standing.
Additionally, our servers wear KN95 or surgical masks, two top-rated masks in a recent Duke University study.
Again, to our knowledge, we are the first restaurant to implement these innovative and logical precautions.

Here are a couple quotes we have received from our customers since we have opened:

“The safety precautions were excellent – distance between tables, silverware, etc.”

“This is our first time eating out since the pandemic started, and this feels good, it feels safe.”

All spring and summer we have been following CDC and local health guidelines to ensure your safety. Here are some of the actions we are taking to protect you and our team:

  • We are requiring dinner attendees to wear a face mask anytime you are not seated at your table.  (Please bring your own face mask.)
  • Each party will have its own table.
  • Tables are spaced a minimum of six feet apart.
  • Tables and chairs are sanitized in between each seating.
  • Silverware is not preset. Silverware will be delivered wrapped in your napkin once you are seated. At Culinary Dinner Theater, you will need to use some of your silverware for multiple courses as there’s a limit to the amount of silverware that can be wrapped in a napkin.
  • Staff will always wear face masks, face shields, and fresh gloves.
  • Staff regularly washes their hands.
  • Surfaces are sanitized regularly.
  • If you are feeling sick, please do not come to dinner. If you have tickets to Culinary Dinner Theater, we will happily refund your money so you may attend a dinner in the future when you are well.